TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzer’s have a uniquely refreshing taste which is crafted for those who, like us, believe a little time out should be savored and enjoyed whenever and wherever possible.

TAKE FIVE is always crafted Conscience Clear®. We use proprietary production methods to brew our premium malts which result in a clean, clear alcohol base. This is combined with 100% natural fruit flavors and our pure seltzer water for that perfect combination of refreshment and taste.

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Our Story

We’ve come a long way.
As individuals, as a race, as a universe.

And whether our journey began 4.5 billion years ago,
Or at 6am this morning,
We’ve achieved incredible things.

No matter how big or small, monumental or trivial,
We need to take time out and appreciate what has led us to this moment.
We need to TAKE FIVE.

It’s not about waiting for vacations or long weekends.
It’s right here, right now.
We need to reward ourselves.
Because we’ve earned it.


It’s right to reward ourselves but we have a collective responsibility to help others too.

At TAKE FIVE, we work alongside Concern Worldwide to help those around the world when they need it most.

So, now you can enjoy your TAKE FIVE Conscience Clear®, just as we made it.

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